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Registered Auditor Services

What’s the difference !

The annual accounts prepared for most small businesses do not require an independent auditors report under the Companies act 2006. Audited Accounts are however, required under certain criteria, for medium and larger businesses which have grown rapidly over the past years whereby their size requires an ‘Audit Report’ in order to comply with the companies acts. Larger trading Limited companies and PLCs also require an audit report in order to comply with the Companies acts.

Additionally, Audit Reports may be necessary for a variety of reasons and or as a requirement of a certain trade body – IATA as well as certain professional bodies or organisations such as solicitors who need to submit reports under the SAR requirements.

We have extensive experience in dealing with these services and can assist with the following:

  • Growing companies requiring their accounts audited under the companies acts.
  • Solicitors submitting their SAR Reports
  • Reports required to comply with Banking Covenants associated with business loans provided by lenders.
  • Audits of various other enterprises including; Free schools, Academies and other learning institutions.
  • Special Reports required in connection with business disputes.

Please call us for a discussion about the range of work undertaken and the fees associated with the provision of these specialised services.