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HMRC Enquiry

We have been dealing with HMRC Investigations for over 25 Years

HMRC have recently set up dedicated units to catch out wrong doers who are evading the payment of their proper taxes. You may have received the ‘dreaded brown envelope’ informing you of the commencement of an enquiry into your tax affairs. If you are unlucky or have inadvertently filed incorrectly your annual income with HMRC leading to an enquiry into your tax affairs, you may now be the subject of an enquiry into your affairs by HMRC.
We have an enviable reputation in dealing with tax investigations on behalf of taxpayers. We are able to provide you with a clear and balanced view on your immediate situation and the strategies necessary to achieve a successful resolution of the enquiry. We have successfully assisted numerous Taxpayers engaged in their battle with HMRC over the years and can help you deal with this highly stressful situation which often requires swift and careful replies to HMRC to avoid determinations being imposed on taxpayers.

The HMRC investigation often lead to the payment of additional tax as well as Penalties associated with the amount of potential tax underpaid!

Let us assist you.

Call us for to arrange a meeting to assess the matter effectively and provide you with the necessary guidance.

Call us on a ‘No obligation basis’ for a free initial consultation to review your case and we will provide you with an estimate of the fee costs associated with the enquiry if at all practicable to enable you to make an informed decision.